Advanced Protocol: Outclass the Competition

Etiquette Seminar I

The  Advanced Protocol: Outclass the Competition workshop and luncheon is led by Kay Leonard, Chief of Protocol, Joint Special Operations University (JSOU).

Sometimes, students find themselves in unfamiliar, challenging, social situations:  juggling demands of stimulating conversation; facilitating introductions; or managing many pieces of flatware during a meal. In her workshop, Ms. Leonard provides the same training received by General Officers in all branches of the military to help participants develop confidence and poise in navigating professional and social environments, including meals and receptions. The experiential workshop portion focuses on protocol and business etiquette. After the workshop, a full-course luncheon provides students an opportunity to practice formal dining etiquette.

Students who have interviewed for major national fellowship competitions, exciting professional positions, and challenging graduate opportunities, believe this training proves to be invaluable.

The workshop is open to undergraduates, graduates and staff/faculty across the university. Invitations are offered through each college and units across campus. If you wish to attend, please contact Dr. Debbie Acker (

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, January 21 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM in Student Talley Center. Registration is required.

Etiquette Seminar II

Protocol Workshop In the News:

Graduate students

Poole College of Management students

The workshop is offered each year at the end of January.