Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program – 2018-2020 Members

The Shelton Leadership Center is proud to introduce the new cohort for the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program, representing all 10 colleges.┬áCongratulations to all the students!! For more information…

Kris Castete UC Exploratory Studies
Hannah Caudill College of Ed Secondary Education: Mathematics
Katie Cusack CHASS Communications
Heaven Davis COE Chemical + Paper Science & Engineering
Kayla French CHASS Psychology
Nature Gore CALS Animal Science
Emma Harris Textiles Fashion Textile Design
Manika Hemmerich UC Exploratory Studies
Brailey Lee Design Architecture
LaRon Locklear CNR Wildlife Science
Liliana Moranchel COS Chemistry
Rylie Newman COS Human Biology
Madeline Newsome CALS Animal Science
Kishan Patel COE Computer Engineering
Lexi Pender PCOM Business
Yesi Pineda Reyes COS Life Sciences First Year – Genetics Intent
Kalynn Turner UC Exploratory Studies
Jai’Lynne Wilburn Textiles Fashion Textile Management