Scholar Profiles

Shelton Leadership Center Scholars are an impressive group of young men and women determined to make a difference in the world. Our scholars have different majors, interests, and passions, but they all share a dedication to our leadership values: integrity, honesty, diversity, compassion, and social responsibility.

Current Shelton National Scholars

Logan Baldwin | Sophomore

"A values-based leader applies their experiences and morals to each decision they face."

Nick Bond | Junior

“Values-based leadership is important to me as it helps set a foundation for what leaders should follow."

Jamie Early | First-year

"Values-based leadership means operating with integrity even if no one is watching."

Jessica Hawkins | First-year

"Values-based leadership means implementing your morals and beliefs into every decision you make as a leader."

Sharpe Newton | Senior

“Values-based leadership means the difference between showing "leadership" and being a true leader."

Emilie Norwood | Sophomore

“A values-based leader is someone who leads by standing up for and standing by others."

Kierra Shook | First-year

"A value based leader is one who leads even when no one is watching."

Current Shelton-Caldwell Scholar

Luke Shealy | Senior

“Our values shape who we are: our passions, desires, goals, and past. They are part of our authentic selves."

Recent Scholars Alumni

Pablo Campos

Class of 2019

Parker Lee

Class of 2019

Emmanuel Amu

Class of 2020

Alyssa Cox

Class of 2020

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For this #ThrowbackThursday , I would like to highlight one of my favorite experiences as a student with the SLC. Last March, I traveled to London with CLDP, my first time practicing a global perspective. Thanks to the SLC for letting me start the #SheltonStudentTakeover !

Hello! My name is Hannah Caudill (on the right), a junior at NC State. I'm so excited to be piloting #SheltonStudentTakeover ! I am a part of the SLC’s Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program (CLDP)! My favorite part about the SLC is the always helpful staff!

Today's student spotlight is Janet Rivera, a member of the 2020-2022 cohort of the Chancellor's Leadership Development Program. Janet is a first-year majoring in Political Science from Clarkton, NC. Janet is passionate about politics and history.

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