Shelton Student Ambassadors

The Shelton Student Ambassadors program is designed to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore the implementation and manifestation of the Shelton Leadership Center’s values-based leadership approach. As Shelton Ambassadors, students will engage in critical discussions related to the values of honesty, integrity, diversity, social responsibility, and compassion, which they will use to establish and hone a personal and professional development plan that incorporates opportunities offered by the Shelton Leadership Center and campus partners. Throughout the academic year, the personal and professional development of students is fostered by the staff of the center in addition to campus and community partners. The program culminates in a leadership-based, student-led program put on in the spring semester by the Shelton Ambassadors.


New Shelton Student Ambassadors are recruited at the end of each spring semester. For more information on the program, please contact Andrea Ramos-Lewis at


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Last week, SLC staff traveled to Fort Bragg to continue working with students who have family in JSOC. They were joined by Darren Jeffrey, founder of American Ninja Warrior. The group will be volunteering with @RHFNOW and Darren to put on an event for military families.

Leadership is personal... Do the people you lead know who you are, what you care about, and why they ought to be following you? Ron Sugar Northrop Grumman Corp. Chairman Emeritus #SheltonLeadershipForum Retweeted by Shelton Leadership Center

Credibility is the foundation of leadership. I you don’t believe in the messenger you won’t believe in the message @Jim_Kouzes #SheltonLeadershipForum Retweeted by Shelton Leadership Center

DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do for Leaders: DWWSWWD: Do What We Saw We Will Do #SheltonLeadershipForum Retweeted by Shelton Leadership Center

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