Shelton Student Ambassadors

The Shelton Student Ambassador Program will develop student’s skills related to values-based leadership, public speaking, strategic and critical thinking through a series of activities and projects. In this experience, students will collaborate with the Shelton Leadership Center staff on projects related to the center’s values (honesty, integrity, diversity, social responsibility, and compassion). Some of these projects may include: identifying areas of growth for the center, serving as a host for an event, evaluating programming, presenting ideas to the office, collaborating on a center event, or designing a community-focused event for students to participate in. By actively participating in the creation, analysis, discussion, and reflection of activities and projects, ambassadors will gain or enhance their skills. Through this experience, students will not only develop as values-based leaders, they will cultivate a passion for active citizenship. Students will participate in bi-weekly meetings with advisors to review projects and discuss how these projects extend from both personal and center values, and how this experience is preparing students for their future aspirations. 

This is a one year program, however, ambassadors are well prepared for future SLC opportunities in leadership as a coach/mentor/trainer for the Red Hat Shelton Challenge or even applying to serve as a Year-Two ambassador.

New Shelton Student Ambassadors are recruited at the end of each spring semester. For more information on the program, please contact Sierra Smith at or Jenn Fendrich at 

Meet the Ambassadors

Christian Beskie

Chase Barnhill

Gabe Cunningham

Joseph Smith

Kailea Simmons

Kamie Chester

Olivia Earnhardt

Turner Edwards

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A huge THANK YOU to all of our SHELTON 5K participants! Only one more week to register and complete the inaugural SHELTON 5K with all proceeds benefiting future Red Hat Shelton Challenge students! For more information:

Today’s student spotlight is Jayson Sanchez, a member of the 2020-2022 cohort of the Chancellor's Leadership Development Program. Jayson is a first-year in Life Sciences from Hickory, NC. Jayson is passionate about helping students pursue academic success.

It's not too late to register for the SHELTON 5K, benefitting future Red Hat Shelton Challenge students... only two weeks left! And, don't forget to submit your photos, too! For more information:

Today’s student spotlight is Ryan Baskerville, a member of the 2020-2022 cohort of the Chancellor's Leadership Development Program. Ryan is a first-year majoring in Engineering from Warrenton, NC. Ryan is passionate about poetry, politics, and "nerdy stuff."

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