About Shelton Scholars

Awards Dinner 11.7.13The two large scholarships associated with the Shelton Leadership Center are the National Shelton Leadership Scholarship and the Shelton-Caldwell Fellows Scholarship.  Students apply for the National scholarship during their senior year of high school, and the Shelton-Caldwell scholarship as a part of the Caldwell application process during their first semester at N.C. State.

In addition to these two scholarships, there are many affiliated scholarships that can be found under the “Apply” page.

Connection to General Shelton and the Board:


The Shelton scholarship program really does provide a unique experience—one that puts scholarship recipients into direct contact and close relationships with General and Mrs. Shelton and many of the Shelton board members. These special connections, especially with the Sheltons, are not replicated in many other scholarship programs. The Sheltons truly care about the scholars and their interests and passions, and this is reflected through their personal involvement in the program. The opportunities that scholars are afforded through connections with the Sheltons and with board members are extremely valuable.