Shelton Leadership Forum - 2019 Agenda

Shelton Leadership Forum

November 15, 2019

7:45am – 2pm

McKimmon Conference and Training Center

NC State University

Raleigh, NC

 Ethical Leadership: Staying the Course During Difficult Times


7:45 AMCheck-in
8:30-9:30 AMKeynote Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat
Fireside Chat: Lessons Learned for Giving Up Everything You Know about Being a Leader
During this interview, Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst who is former Chief Operating Officer of Delta, shares how he thought he knew the rules for how to lead. “[He] thought [he] was the person ultimately responsible for solving the problems facing my organization. [He] was the one who was supposed to bring order and structure”. His world was turned upside down when he left Delta to become CEO of Red Hat, an open-source software company. Whitehurst shares what he learned when he took this leap of faith and joined a company unlike any he’d ever seen. This leadership mindset and practice has helped sustain and expand his organization during difficult times.
9:45-10:30 AMPanelLessons from the Pack: Leading Small Businesses During Difficult Times
This session will feature highly successful NC State Alumni who continue to demonstrate the “Think and Do” mentality for leading their organizations. The audience will listen and learn key strategies for how to enhance their organization’s culture, personnel, product and bottom line. Panel members will be briefly introduced by a moderator and then will share a five-minute story around their challenges and triumphs related to the topic, focusing on key take-a-ways for what helped you lead through them, as well as what leaders should consider for the future when leading their organizations. We will allow for 15-20 minutes of Q/A with the audience.
10:45-11:45 AMKeynoteNatalie Nixon, President of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC
The Future of Work: The 4 Shifts Your Organization Must Make…Now!

“The best algorithms will still depend on humans asking a better question.” — Natalie Nixon

The future of work will require more than a familiarity with virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.  It will require people with a heightened creative capacity.In the 4th industrial revolution where cloud technology, automation and cryptocurrency are realities, boundaries between technology and humans have completely blurred. Now more than ever, the human quotient and the creativity are critical business assets.

In this session, Natalie Nixon offers provocative ways to embrace the future of work and outlines 4 shifts every organization must make to be nimble and adaptive.

12:00-1:00 PMLunch 
1:00-2:00 PMKeynoteJim Kouzes, bestselling author, The Leadership Challenge
The Credible Leader: How to Strengthen and Sustain Authenticity and Integrity
Our research shows conclusively that people around the globe want leaders who are honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent. While these results aren’t surprising, they are extraordinarily significant to leaders because three of these four characteristics comprise what communications experts refer to as “source credibility.” Personal credibility is the foundation of leadership. In this session you will learn the six disciplines of earning and sustaining credibility, and you’ll learn how you can apply them in your work as a leader.
2:00 PMAdjourn