Anne Beddingfield, Ph.D.

Coordinator for Scholarships and Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Anne Beddingfield focuses on creating leadership development opportunities for scholars. In addition, she works across the university and with external stakeholders to identify strategic partners to accomplish the Center’s mission.

Anne is passionate about assisting students as they explore professional careers, leadership opportunities, and life options. Her aim is to create relevant educational and career experiences for students to help them reach their individual potentials.

Anne has a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Iowa State University and has worked in a variety of university departments. Most recently, she worked at the Krause Center for Leadership & Ethics at The Citadel and taught undergraduate leadership development courses. Anne credits the Iowa 4-H program for providing her with 10 years of opportunities to learn key skills and grow as a leader.

Anne can be reached at 919-515-0586.