Michael Domeracki, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Outreach Programs

Michael Domeracki serves as the Assistant Director for Outreach Programs. In this role, he focuses on the expansion of programs for rural North Carolina counties, developing and maintaining partnerships with community organizations and university units, and teaches leadership. He also works as the program manager for military and military-related clients.

Before coming to NC State, Michael was at the Center for Civic Leadership at Rice University. He holds a PhD in Religion from Rice, completed his graduate work at Vanderbilt Divinity School and the University of Notre Dame, and his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary. He finds great reward in helping students learn how to leverage their own academic training and interests, personal experiences, and values to find meaningful professional paths of positive social change.

Outside of the workplace, Michael and his wife volunteer with organizations to address disparities in food access, educational inequity, and canine welfare. He is proudly from Colorado, and is passionate about the outdoors, playing with his dogs, reading, hockey, and enjoying the comfort of his Birkenstocks.

Michael can be reached at 919-513-2790.