Financial Scholarships

Financial assistance applications are included in the Challenge application.

Gen Shelton & Center SealPlease indicate on the application if the student’s attendance is dependent on receiving scholarship. Applicants who meet the following requirements: Need to be going into the 9th to 12th grade; GPA of 3.0 or better; Previous leadership experience in clubs or other organizations; and family financial need.

The youth’s application must be reviewed and accepted prior to being considered for a financial aid scholarship. This means the applicant will have needed to send in the completed application, two reference letters, and financial aid scholarship forms. A non-refundable deposit of $25 program fee will be requested of the youth upon receipt of scholarship, in place of the $100 deposit requested on the original application. Please make checks payable to: Shelton Challenge. Please return a completed application, financial aid form and check to: Shelton Leadership Center; NC State University; Campus Box 7133; Raleigh, NC 27695-7133. Files will be reviewed on a rolling basis after we have received the complete application packet.

Scholarship award amounts vary from $150-$700, depending on criteria listed above. A financial commitment will be required of the family to cover costs not covered by the amount of financial aid awarded to the youth. These costs include: remainder of tuition, clothing needs for the week, transportation to and from the summer institute, extra money for store, and any other extra needs.

Shelton Challenge financial aid scholarships come from gifts and corporate/non-profit sponsors. Scholarships will be limited to gifts/sponsorships.