Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program

Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program

The Shelton Leadership Center is home to the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program (CLDP), which launched in 2017 in partnership with the NC State University Office of the Chancellor.

The program facilitates transformational leadership experiences for first-generation college students and/or students from rural counties in North Carolina. Through impactful service work, development seminars, networking events and community outreach, students learn about their personal leadership styles.

CLDP engages students as leaders in professional and personal capacities, empowering them to apply the skills they’ve learned in the program to leadership experiences across campus, within their communities, and in global settings. As a result, students are prepared to serve as exceptional leaders through professional, academic, and personal settings.

Each year, CLDP accepts 20-25 top performing first-year students into the program as a cohort, resulting in a community of peers on a shared leadership journey.

Applications are open!

Ready to start your leadership journey at NC State? Eligible students are invited to apply to the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program in their PackAssist account.

Applications are due on April 15!

46 Current CLDP Students

20+ scholarships awarded/year

50+ program alumni

Program Features

Students in the program will:

  • Receive access to professional development resources, training, and events.
  • Create a network for professional, academic, and personal support through individualized mentoring sessions with SLC staff and external mentors directly aligned with students’ career industries and programs of study.
  • Engage with senior leadership at NC State and leadership throughout the Triangle.
  • Receive a small scholarship in their first year of the program.
What is the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program?


CLDP is a two-year program, with an optional third year. Each year in the program is designed to build off the lessons and skills explored in the previous year. From their start in the program, students explore leadership on a personal level. By the third year, students are able to apply their leadership in global environments.


Must be an incoming first-year student who is a first-generation college student and/or from a rural county in NC.

First-generation college students are any students whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree.

Each month, professionals from various industries volunteer to mentor CLDP students in programs of study aligned with their industry experience. If you would like to learn more, reach out to our program director La’Toya Cesar.

Contact her via email here.

Follow their leadership journeys. We’re excited to introduce you to our current cohorts of CLDP students and alumni. You’ll also find more information on the leadership skills, perspectives, and experience in their leadership portfolios.

Meet them here.


At the end of January, first-year CLDP student Harper Martin and his team received the Best Integration of Social Responsibility Award at the 2024 Make-A-Thon.

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Kenia Barajas-Salazar is a second-year CLDP student who is studying environmental science and Zoology at the NC State College of Natural Resources.

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Habeth Ortega Photo

Habeth Ortega is a second-year student in the CLDP who has found both personal and professional benefits to being a part of the program’s cohort. While pursuing a psychology degree specialized in forensic science, Ortega showcases unwavering dedication both in and out of the classroom.

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You can also contact the Program Director for CLDP La’Toya Cesar at