Shelton Leadership Forum

Shelton Leadership Forum

The Shelton Leadership Forum is a nationally recognized event heading into its 20th successful year. The event welcomes participants from all over North Carolina as well as from surrounding states for a day focused on practical lessons in values-based leadership. Networking opportunities are plentiful with an audience of corporate, education, non-profit, military, government and other emerging leaders. Our speakers include innovators from across the business and education communities.

The Shelton Leadership Forum is offered through the Shelton Leadership Center and administered by the NC State Office of the Provost. As Executive Director, General H. Hugh Shelton is committed to developing values-based leaders and bringing together inter-generational audiences from diverse professional backgrounds to create a more dynamic dialogue.

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2022 Shelton Leadership Forum | Friday, October 21, 2022

Decision Points: Leading Change with Accountability

Leading change while our world continues to adapt and understand what a “new normal” is both personally and professionally has caused organizations to pause and consider new ways for building a culture of accountability. This year’s 21st Shelton Forum seeks to provide practical strategies for professionals and students to incorporate within their daily lives as they lead themselves and others toward greater trust and improved performance. Keynote speakers will address our audience from different positionalities related to this year’s theme and cultivating accountability within the workplace. As always, come prepared to be inspired and take away tangible best practices to apply within your sphere of influence.

Keynote Speakers

Cordell Riley, COO for Bigby Coffee

Heather McGowan, Strategic Consultant & Best-Selling Author

Sam Silverstein, Founder of the Accountability Movement


TimeSession TitleSpeakersSession Overview
8:30am-9:00amRe:thinking the Way Organizations are LedModerator: Randy Woodson, Chancellor, NC State University
Speaker: Cordell Riley, CEO of IBM (TBD)
The forum will begin with a unique opportunity to engage the Chief Operating Officer of Biggby Coffee, Cordell Riley, sharing recommendations for how leaders, whether from small or large organizations, need to “think and do” leadership differently to build a culture of accountability. Cordell will share practical approaches for leaders to keep their organizations relevant in today’s constantly changing environment that will foster greater trust and improved performance.
9:00am – 9:30amBest Practices for Creating a Culture of AccountabilityPanel
9:45am-10:30amThe Accountable Leader’s Guide to ChangeSam Silverstein, Founder of the Accountability MovementChange is an integral part of our world. The ability to get ahead of it, manage it, or initiate it for any organization falls squarely on the shoulders of leadership. Focusing on what people do won’t cut it anymore. Truly accountable leaders instead turn their focus on changing the way people THINK.
10:45am-11:45amAdaptation Advantage: Leading in a Post Pandemic WorldHeather McGowan, Strategic ConsultantWhen Heather McGowan and Chris Shipley wrote The Adaptation Advantage (April 2020, Wiley) they did not realize how prescient their advice and predictions would become when the coronavirus global pandemic required an immediate and dramatic shift in work, learning, and leading. Overnight companies remapped supply chains, pivoted product lines, and transformed to distributed work-from-home organization. Entire university and school systems adopted virtual delivery exclusively, something many said they would never do. This new normal, or normal of now, requires a focus on culture, purpose, trust, psychological safety as we embark on the largest social experiment in human history. The virus has accelerated our future of work, expedited our human transformation to digital creating, and placed an even greater burden on leaders to inspire and motivate human potential. Even when the virus subsides, many of our new ways of working will remain and we will be the better for this forced transformation. The question remains, what are best practices that will help build an accountable culture within organizations

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