Through our outreach efforts, the Shelton Leadership Center seeks to live out its values-based approach to leadership and improve the lives and communities of our partners in North Carolina and beyond. In this regard, we offer leadership programming for individuals at the pre-college, university, and professional levels, with a particular focus to support service members and their families. Through an asset-based approach to community work, our goal is to develop the leadership aptitudes of our partners in a manner that simultaneously helps them achieve their aims.  

Military Outreach

The United States Special Operations Command Youth Leadership Development Program, or YLDP, is one example of military focused outreach efforts of the Center. To better support service members, we focus our efforts on their families and devise a program that teaches not only leadership, but resilience, confidence, and self-empathy to their children. Our hope with this program is to instill in the children of service members a connection to their larger community of military youth and equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in their post-secondary pursuits.

Reliant on an experiential approach, the curriculum for YLDP is built on an framework that reinforces the positive elements of their identities as military youth while simultaneously teaching leadership and teambuilding skills. The students learn these principles in a dynamic and kinetic manner that not only teaches the content but provides a space for application and reflection. Collectively, through this program students develop as young leaders with strength, confidence, and connection to their military youth community.

The Carolina Regional Entrepreneurial Albright Team Experience (CREATE)

The Carolina Regional Entrepreneurial Albright Team Experience or CREATE is a year-long entrepreneurial program for leadership development of high school students in North Carolina and university students at NC State that culminates in a state-wide proposal competition. The program is a collaboration between NC State Entrepreneurship and the Shelton Leadership Center.

NC State students who want to be program liaisons and mentors to high school students can apply to be a CREATE Mentor.
In order for students to be CREATE mentors, they will need to enroll in the two courses (two credits in the fall and one credit in the spring.) These courses will cover entrepreneurial concepts, leadership theories, team dynamics, delivering feedback, and teaching/facilitating strategies.

At the high school level, groups of four-five students will form teams at their schools. These teams will be guided by an undergraduate mentor from NC State and meet regularly to explore the entrepreneurial and leadership skills necessary to work together as a team to create a proposal to submit for competition. As focal points of the curriculum, students will be shown how they can use these entrepreneurial and leadership skills to better their own communities, work as a team, and develop as leaders.  

College of Veterinary Medicine

College Curriculum

As part of a multi-year, grant-funded effort, we work with undergraduates at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and NC State University, as well as graduate students in NC State‚Äôs College of Veterinary Medicine, to provide leadership training in preparation for the rigors of post-baccalaureate education and veterinary careers. 

Through this curriculum, students explore effective strategies of team building, mitigating power-dynamics, and handling stress and conflict, among others. Built on a pedagogy of experiential-learning, we teach the students in an engaging, yet challenging manner, so they can learn how to apply these skills to their present and future positions in veterinary school and beyond. 

Professional Curriculum

We have devised a multi-year program with the College of Veterinary Medicine prepare its leaders at all levels to guide their teams with the college values of community, inclusivity, innovation, and passion. Specifically concerned with effective team building and communication, these modules are customized to the professional realities of the College that include the hospital, research, and administration. Our hope is to provide a coherent process for all members of the College that helps create a community of inclusion support for everyone.  

In this structured and multifaceted program, figures at all levels of administration gain competency in a shared understanding of values-based leadership that is designed to empower students, faculty, and staff. 

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