College Programs

College Programs

College programs student shows leadership presentation to mentor.

Leading through Learning

The Shelton Leadership Center serves NC State University by offering values-based leadership development designed to help students find direction and achieve success. The programs open to students at NC State include academic courses and leadership minors, the Shelton National Scholarship Program, the Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program, the Carolina Regional Entrepreneurial Albright Team Experience (CREATE), the Leading With Your Values workshop series, the Shelton Challenge summer internship, and the Shelton Speaker Series.

Every program provides research-driven and interactive values-based leadership development content that is delivered through training, events, and for-credit courses.

How to get Involved with the Shelton Leadership Center

Leading With Your Values Workshop Series

This five-part workshop series for undergraduate students explores the values of compassion, integrity, diversity, and social responsibility and how these relate to effective leadership and community engagement as a professional. Through this program, you will learn how to utilize your values, education, and career aspirations to become effective leaders in your communities and organizations.

The next three sessions of the workshop series will be scheduled in Spring 2022. All workshops for Spring 2022 are scheduled to be in person, but will move to Zoom if necessary.

The Carolina Regional Entrepreneurial Albright Team Experience (CREATE)

This course is designed for students interested in serving rural communities and partnering with local community leaders to collaboratively address problems that are unique to rural contexts.  Students will develop skills and competencies in teamwork, communication, and partnership development with industry and educational leaders in rural contexts.  The blend of applied activities, discussions, and reflections will support students’ growth as educational, entrepreneurial, and equity-minded leaders.

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